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Anthony Perry Inspections, LLC has partnered with Secure24, your local Authorized ADT dealer, who guarantees

the best deal available on any ADT system and components.

Secure24 has the #1 rated customer satisfaction out of over 300 ADT dealers.

As a thank you, Secure24 now offers a fantastic offer including free equipment and installation for home owners using Anthony Perry Inspections, LLC.


Secure24 Provides These Great ADT Products and Services

24/7 Monitoring

You can rest assured knowing that your home is being monitored at all times, whether you are home or not. Police and other first responders will be contacted at the first sign of trouble, protect your property and your family.


Burglary Detection

With motion detectors and door and window triggers along with advanced two-way communication control panel, our 24/7 monitoring can detect and thwart any attempts by burglars.

Premium Keypads

Get the latest technology in home security and home automation fully controlled and monitored with premium keypads.

Remote Access/Monitoring

Easily install and expand the ADT home security system with wireless security. Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, and receive alerts when someone else uses the system.

Video Surveillance

See inside or outside your home in real time from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Indoor Siren

Whenever an alarm trigger is tripped, not only will authorities be alerted, but a siren will blast to stop potential burglars.